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Boot, Scoot, & Team Build

Suhl’s Rodeo Team Building offers a one-of-a-kind blend of cowboy-themed experiential activities, engaging entertainment, and transformative team building experiences. These experiences are designed to enhance team cohesion, personal growth, effective communication, and unity among team members. Our unique specialty lies in providing memorable and impactful events that empower individuals and organizations to shed unnecessary burdens, embrace profound transformation, and operate as a more cohesive and unified team.

What Our Horses Will Teach You

Horses are a lot like us when it comes to respect and leadership. Our activities are designed to teach people the importance of communication and building trust with the horses and other members of your group.

Enhanced Listening Skills

Improved Communication Skills

Building Empathy

Team Bonding

Team Building Activities

Experience the Extraordinary

Are you ready to elevate your team building experience to a whole new level? Look no further! Suhl’s Rodeo Team Building has crafted a unique and unforgettable day for your team of 70, blending activities with horses, cowboy expertise, Native American culture, and even a touch of line dancing entertainment.

Activities with Horses

Immerse your team in hands-on experiences with horses, fostering trust, communication, and leadership. No riding involved, just genuine connections with these magnificent animals.

Team Roping and Branding

Learn the art of team roping from Professional cowboys, enhancing teamwork, coordination, and strategy. Engage in team branding activities that strengthen bonds and create lasting memories.

Native American Practices

Join Big Mountain, a fourth-generation Native American entertainer and educator, as he guides your team through building a teepee, mastering archery, and igniting fires – lessons rich in history and teamwork.

Line Dancing Extravaganza

Add a touch of fun with line dancing led by Kip, who brings experience from Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, and even the President of the United States. Get ready to kick up your heels and build team spirit.

Elevate your team building journey with us!