Cowboy Team Building

team building activities on horse and steer

A Western Themed Team Building Experience

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Boot, Scoot, and Team Build!

Here at Suhls Rodeo, we do team building a bit differently than those city slickers. But if there’s one thing we know better than most, it’s the value of teamwork. Have you ever had to wrangle an entire herd of cattle by yourself at the crack of dawn? I’ll give you a hint, it’s a little easier with the help of your Cowboy buddies! We have put together some amazing team building activities here at Suhls Rodeo that you simply can’t get anywhere else in the great state of Florida!

Team Building Activities

Our Cowboy Team Building package includes 4 interactive activities that will be sure to get your group on the same page! For groups up to 50 guests, we recommend 2-3 hours, for groups 50-100 we recommend 3-4 hours. We also include our World Famous Trick Roper, along with Mr Suhl himself hosting your group, and a DJ to keep the Country blood pumping!

Team “C”orral

Grab your teammates and strategize the best way to wrangle your cattle from one side of the field into the designated pen. This fast-paced activity will require team communication, body  language, coordination and quick feet. The objective is for each team to pen the cattle the fastest.

Flag “Calf” Ball

This challenging activity includes 20 – 30 ribboned tailed calves. The objective is for each team to collect 3 ribbons. Teams will be split into groups of 10.

Blind Trust

Your team will be split into groups of two. One teammate will be blindfolded on horseback while the other teammate will guide the horse. The objective of this activity is to guide the horse across the field and have the blindfolded team member grab a flag and drop a coin into a designated coin drop on top of the barrel, then drop the flag back off at the starting point. this activity requires trust, patience, and clear communication.

Pen Pals

Each member of your group will asked to team up with another member of their choice. The objective is for the couple to work together to sort the chosen calves and get them separated from their herd and into a designated pen. Clear communication, trust, and extreme focus is required.

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