About Us

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Our History

Our Legacy of Rodeo Dreams and Community Unity

Nestled next to the enchantment of Disney World in Orlando, Florida, our family embarked on a remarkable journey that blended the spirit of rodeo with the magic of the happiest place on earth. For an incredible 27 years, we brought the exhilarating world of rodeo dreams to life, creating a sanctuary where kids could practice their rodeo skills and chase the stars they aspired to be.

Guided by the vision of my father, we transformed a field into the “Rodeo Dreams,” a place where dreams took flight and determination thrived. What made this endeavor truly extraordinary was not just the spectacle of the rodeo itself, but the unwavering dedication of our team, a diverse blend of paid employees and passionate volunteers. They shared a belief in the power of what we were building—a haven for children’s ambitions and a platform for the pursuit of rodeo stardom.

Over the years, we saw countless young hearts set their sights on the spotlight, their eyes gleaming with aspirations of rodeo greatness. And while many embarked on this journey, it was the remarkable resilience of five individuals that would eventually reach the pinnacle, standing proudly as testaments to both their own fortitude and the environment we had nurtured.

Jed's Journey

My personal journey through the rodeo business was a comprehensive one. From managing tasks behind the scenes to engaging directly in the vibrant rodeo community, I learned invaluable lessons in leadership and interaction. A distinct feature of this environment was that every person involved, from paid employees to dedicated volunteers, was there not solely for financial gain, but to be part of a purpose greater than the business—a mission of nurturing dreams.

It is this mission that lead me to become certified through Leadership Strategy, Spirit of Leadership, and Equine Connections.

In this intricate ecosystem, being a “boss” meant more than traditional authority; it entailed fostering connections and handling conflicts with delicate care. The understanding that each individual’s role was crucial to the success of our shared vision instilled a sense of camaraderie that went beyond mere employment. It was this understanding that defined the essence of being a cowboy—a realization that true success is rooted in teamwork, that even the most solitary of tasks involve a collective effort.

A New Chapter

The bond we formed extended beyond the show. We weren’t just a business; we were a community of like-minded individuals driven by the spirit of collaboration and the unyielding support we offered one another. Working together was not merely a duty; it was a commitment to be there for each other, whether in facing challenges or celebrating triumphs.

Now, as we transition into a new chapter, we draw upon the legacy of rodeo dreams and the lessons we’ve learned. While the risks and rewards of large animals and rodeo performances may differ from the team-building activities we now offer, the core principles remain unchanged—fun, camaraderie, and an experiential touch of cowboy wisdom.

Elevate your team building journey with us!