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Where Connection, Community and Engagement Comes to Life

Ignite personal growth and strengthen team dynamics through engaging, entertaining, and transformative experiences with our magnificent horses.

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Experience The Extraordinary

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey that blends the thrill of cowboy-inspired activities with the wisdom of our four-legged companions? At Suhl’s Rodeo Team Building, we harness the incredible power of horses to elevate team dynamics, foster leadership, and ignite personal growth.

Our equine-assisted programs provide an unparalleled opportunity for participants to experience immediate, honest, and observable feedback. Through interactions with horses, individuals enhance personal awareness, sharpen communication skills, and gain insight into group dynamics. Suhl’s Rodeo is not just a team building experience; it’s a gateway to breaking down defense barriers, appreciating diverse perspectives, and becoming adept problem solvers.

An Unforgettable Team Building Experience

Our goal is to provide a fun-filled day for your team, an experience that goes beyond traditional team-building. One of our primary objectives is to instill the art of listening, not just to words but to the subtle language of body cues – a skill honed through interaction with our equine partners.

Horse Activities

Team Activities

Native American Practices

Line Dancing!

About Us

From Rodeo To Team Building

For an incredible 27 years, we brought the exhilarating world of rodeo dreams to life, creating a sanctuary where kids could practice their rodeo skills and chase the stars they aspired to be.

suhls rodeo boy looking up at cowboy

In the spirit of those who once graced the arena, we extend an invitation to individuals and teams seeking not only team building experiences, but also a taste of the camaraderie, unity, and spirit that define the heart of rodeo.

Learn From Our Equine Friends

Horses are a lot like us when it comes to respect and leadership. Our activities are designed to teach people the importance of communication and building trust with the horses and other members of your group.

Enhanced Listening Skills

Improved Communication Skills

Building Empathy

Team Bonding


Your Questions Answered

Here are some quick answers to some of our most common questions. Feel free to contact us with any other questions.

All our activities are done outdoors, so dress appropriately for the weather. We highly recommend wearing clothes you are comfortable getting a little dirty.

Closed-toe shoes are requiredYou will not be able to participate if you wear any open-toed shoes due to safety requirements.

All our horse activities are ground only. There is no riding involved, just genuine connections with these magnificent animals.

Suhl’s Rodeo Team Building runs for 4 – 5 hours with plenty of breaks scheduled for food and hydration.

Suhl’s Rodeo provides complimentary soda and water throughout the event, ensuring your team remains hydrated for every activity.

Catering Available!
We offer catering for meals that run in the middle of your activities. If you would like to include catering to your package, please let us know ahead of your scheduled date.